So… How’s It Going?

We’re at three weeks since I officially began this latest installment of the ongoing saga, “When will I ever grow up and start taking care of myself?” I don’t want to get cocky or anything, but so far it’s been relatively easy. No caffeine-withdrawal headaches when I cut off the soda pipeline. No “low carb flu.”

Amount of sugar in Mtn Dew
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At least, I don’t think so — I’m on the back side of my annual spring/summer allergy attack/cold, but I don’t think it has anything to do with my current dietary preferences. I actually don’t think I’ve been keeping carbs all that low, anyway, aside from eliminating the 250 or so grams of sugar a day that my Dew habit was providing.

My overall diet definitely has been more primal than paleo (more on the distinctions and my personal approach in an upcoming post), and is a far cry from my usual poor version of the Standard American Diet. I’ve thrown in the occasional Larabar, KIND bar, and protein shake, but overall have been eating real food. Earth Fare has been running some great specials on grassfed beef; one day’s work schedule allowed me to partake of the paleo bounty available through the FUEL Food Truck; and I’ve discovered that even my local Walmart and Ingles grocers now carry Kerrygold butter and/or cheese. Toss in a healthy dose of eggs, either from the Farside Farms market or the best combination of humanely-treated-chickens/price I can find elsewhere; some vegetables; a dollop or three of coconut oil; some nuts; and an apple or banana a day and you have a menu for some good groceries. (A note on that phrase, “good groceries,” which you’ll see pop up from time to time here and on the MyPrimalJourneyToHealth Twitter and Facebook feeds: ’tis a phrase picked up from a former coworker which roughly translates to “daggone delicious food” or “mighty fine cereal flakes, Mrs. McDonough,” for you Raising Arizona fans.)

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