One Month Progress – Down 30 Pounds!

First month's weigh-in

First month's weigh-inMy initial intent had been to not weigh myself until my doctor appointment in a couple of weeks. But curiosity (and an equally curious Mrs. MyPrimalJourneyToHealth) led me to step on the scale today.

I don’t know my exact starting point, but based on my last known poundage and my dietary habits from then until the start of this little adventure, I’m guesstimating I was at somewhere in the neighborhood of 285+ pounds. Today’s reading from the magical how-heavy-are-you? box: 256 pounds. That’s still bringing a load, but roughly 30 pounds in just over a month–without starving myself by any stretch of the imagination, without significant exercise–is a pretty good testament to how poor my dietary habits have been.

What’s been different?

  • No soft drinks (with two exceptions: one Diet Mountain Dew Code Red can in the first week and one Zevia cherry cola in the second week) or other sugary drinks
  • Primarily real, whole foods
  • Mostly gluten and soy free (with the exception of additives to otherwise healthy meats at restaurants, over which I’ve not had control)
  • Speaking of which: much less eating out; much more cooking at home and packing breakfast and lunch; and, when eating out, making the best available primal-ish menu choices
  • Less snacking
  • Minimal exercise: with the exception of one short bike ride and a couple of reps of 20 floors of stairs at a hotel, the only exercise I’ve been doing is parking a little farther away from my office and taking the three flights of stairs in my building rather than the elevator

No time for complacency

Based upon past experience, I know better than to let down my guard now. The next few weeks will be when I’m tempted to think, “I’ve got this;” eat or drink some junk, thinking I can get right back on the wagon; and find myself back where I started (or worse). So stay tuned, gentle reader, and let’s see how strong my willpower is.

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