My Next 50 Years

(With apologies (and 20 years added) to Tim McGraw’s hit song.)

next-50-years-featured-imageFifty. The big five-oh. A half-century.

A milestone.

And, unfortunately, I hit this milestone today with no real progress—and, truth be told, quite a bit of regress—from this day, two years ago, when I started this blog.

But, today. Today is Day Zero.

Today I resolve to do better—tomorrow. Today I resolve that my birthday visit to Pal’s, my favorite fast food joint (and one for which I must make a two-hour round-trip in order to partake), was the last hurrah of the “old me” for quite awhile.

I’m not stupid, though. I know I’ll slip up. If you doubt me, remember that this post comes two years to the day after another promise to do better. And is the latest in the small succession of posts here, most of which are some variation of, “I slipped up, again.”

But I’ll do better this time. I will do better. I must do better. Or there may not be an opportunity to post an “I resolve to do better” message two years from today.

Tomorrow is Day One of my next 50 years.



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