Mountain Dew and Krispy Kremes

Mountain Dew and Krispy Kremes - myprimaljourneytohealth-dot-com

Yes, I know — this runs counter to the stated purpose of this blog, and is directly in conflict with the underlying principle that I should ditch the sodas for good. But indulge me for a moment, won’t you?

aomm-framedI’m trying to rediscover my long lost passion for bicycling. It’s not really all that long lost, but it’s been nearly a decade since those heady early years of serious cycling gave way to the a-few-times-a-year riding I’ve done in recent years.

My Assault on Mt. Mitchell bib number, patch, and route map still rest comfortably in their frame on my office wall, and they still spark conversation when someone new sees them. Unfortunately, that conversation involves talking about “the good old days” rather than today.

My journal from Cycle North Carolina 2005 still occupies server space at crazyguyonabike, but I haven’t been on a multi-day ride since that one.

I’ve watched friends get interested in cycling and go after it with gusto, while I make up an excuse nearly every time one of them invites me for a ride.

But today I rode my bike to work. It took more than an hour to ride the commute route that I can do in 40 minutes when I’m in shape. But I avoided the typical Thornhill cop-out when the alarm went off at 5:50am, and instead of resetting the alarm and waking the missus an hour later do drive me to work (we’re currently a one-car household and she had some appointments today), I actually got out of bed, stuffed myself into my Tour de Leaves jersey and the rest of my cycling kit, and rolled out into the cool WNC morning.

It’s my second ride of the week, after Tracey basically kicked me out of the house Sunday afternoon with a, “you need to start riding your bike again” boost of encouragement (actually, I think she just wanted to nap without me disturbing her, but regardless, I took the hint).

So now we finally get to the Mountain Dew and doughnuts topic. A coworker saw my bike in the office and stopped in to chat. I had a box of (non-Krispy Kreme) doughnuts on my desk, courtesy of a visit from a sales rep, so I offered her one. That led the conversation to whether eating a doughnut after riding one’s bike to work defeats the purpose, or *is* the purpose. I lean toward the latter.

And it made me think of Kent Peterson, a randonneur and general long distance cycling guy whose blog I used to follow. One of Kent’s ongoing themes is that he’s “not a nutritional role model.” So I spent my lunch hour catching up on Kent’s blog, and ran across this quote in one of his posts:

“Stamstad also believes in the restorative though as yet medically unexplained power of Mountain Dew and Krispy Kreme donuts. He argues in defense of Twinkies, Little Debbie snack cakes, and Pop-Tarts, noting that none of them freeze on the trail and all excel in calorie-to-cost benefit. (Little Debbie oatmeal-creme pie: 170 calories, at 11 cents.)” — Outside Magazine profile of John Stamstad, That Which Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stranger

And I felt like I’d rediscovered my bumble bee people.


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