Does the world need another paleo blog?

Why another paleo blog?

Why another paleo blog?You may be saying to yourself, “Self, why does this guy think there’s a need for another website about the paleo or primal diets?” Here’s my response to that: maybe there’s not, but…

There are a lot of great websites out there on the interwebs containing recipes for delicious looking healthy food.
There are a lot of great websites out there on the science behind the paleo/primal approaches.
There are a lot of great websites out there featuring inspiring stories of people who made the paleo/primal switch and are thriving because of it.

What I haven’t seen (and it’s quite possible I just haven’t looked hard enough) are many stories like mine — and I suspect there are a fair number of people out there who are in a similar circumstance. We’re on board with the paleo/primal approach in theory but have not been able to make it stick in actual practice.

I really enjoy reading the success stories on Mark’s Daily Apple and Robb Wolf’s site. I hope, one day, to have my own success story to share there. But it seems that most of those stories go something like this: I was overweight, had health problems, had tried other diets without lasting success, discovered paleo or primal, started following that plan, and now most everything is hunky-dory. That’s great. I love that. Don’t begrudge those folks anything.

But my story is a bit different. I was (am) overweight, was (am) beginning to have health problems, hadn’t really tried dieting other than once or twice, discovered the primal approach, tried it for a month and a half, lost a good chunk of weight, and then… found myself backsliding all the way back to the SAD (standard American diet) and to a new record of heaviness for another four years. I know the basics of the science behind paleo/primal. I believe it and I believe in it. I read Mark’s Daily Apple, well, almost daily. I have the books. I have the Firefox bookmarks folder with dozens upon dozens of paleo and primal blogs and other websites saved. I read the success stories when they pop up in my RSS reader. But all of that hasn’t been enough to lead me to make a permanent change. I’ve been addicted to the convenience of take-it-out-of-the-package-and-put-it-in-the-microwave. I’ve been addicted to the sugary goodness of what you’ve come to expect me to refer to as “the sweet nectar that is Mountain Dew” and other sodas. I’ve not wanted to grow up and take responsibility for my health.

Which brings me to this website. It’s partly my own journal to keep track of how I’m progressing as I, once again, start down the primal path. It’s online so that you, gentle reader (and the never-forgetting servers of the Wayback Machine), can help hold me accountable. It’s, perhaps, a beacon to a shared journey for someone else with a similar story who may stumble across this electronic missive.

So, no, maybe the world doesn’t need another paleo blog. But it’s getting one, anyway, and I hope it’s of help to those who find it.

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