Day 18,265 (aka, Day One)

(Today we’ll paraphrase (and adjust the calculations to include leap years) our post title from the lyrics of another country song, this one by Chris Cagle.)

So, how did Day One of the rest of my life go, dietarily?

Not perfectly, but not far from what I anticipated, given the drastic change that I need to get to. Breakfast was a breaded chicken biscuit, hold the biscuit, with a Mountain Zevia to provide the caffeine and help ease the transition off the full octane soft drinks that have been my primary source of liquid for the past few (or 47) years. Lunch, such as it was, was a Larabar and water. Which led to a binge on some relatively healthy chips later in the day after grocery shopping on a nearly empty stomach—not a wise move on the first day of trying to make such radical change, and I knew better. Dinner: a couple of locally produced eggs with steak, and another Zevia soda.

Exercise: some inclined push-ups and a couple of sets of stair step-ups, followed by a two-and-a-half-mile walk.

All in all, a decent start.

And don’t worry, I won’t be logging everything for every day. But, particularly in these first couple of months, I’ll likely post the occasional food/exercise post, just to keep me accountable to my, literally, single digits worth of followers.

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