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  • Not Again!?!

    These sweets are so good!

    So, what happened? I happened. Yet again, my lack of focus and follow-through ruled the day(s). And not very many days after this latest effort began. I’m addicted. Not to make light of the real disease that is addiction, but it’s the way I feel. I love love love LOVE the taste of a cold […]

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  • My Next 50 Years


    (With apologies (and 20 years added) to Tim McGraw’s hit song.) Fifty. The big five-oh. A half-century. A milestone. And, unfortunately, I hit this milestone today with no real progress—and, truth be told, quite a bit of regress—from this day, two years ago, when I started this blog. But, today. Today is Day Zero. Today […]

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  • Huge Primal Book Sale


    Apologies for just pushing products and not keeping this site updated with my on-again-off-again primal journey. I’ll get back in the swing soon, I promise. But in the meantime, while you wait for The Wild Diet book to come out in a few weeks, here’s a great opportunity to build your library of primal/paleo cookbooks […]

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  • Oh, the humanity!


    As I’ve mentioned before, this website is designed to show you my pursuit of a primal lifestyle, warts and all. And that means coming clean when my diet has not been anywhere close to clean. This is one of those times. As I passed the six week mark of this journey, I began to have […]

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  • What’s In the Fridge?

    What's in the fridge?

    Let’s play a little game called “What’s In the Fridge?” This will be nowhere nearly as impressive as the “Fridge Voyeur” profiles in Paleo Magazine, in which prominent people in the Paleo/primal community open up their refrigerators to give us common folk a view of how the experts live. But compared to what the family […]