And We’re Back

When last we left this little online soap opera, I made some foolish comment along the lines of:

So I’ve deputized the everlovely Mrs. MyPrimalJourney to yell, kick, cajole, and anything else needed to get my sorry butt back in gear this weekend, if I have not already done so myself, by then. And I’m hereby deputizing you, too, gentle reader. That’s part of the reason I’ve made this a public primal journey. I will not self destruct this time around!

Now, here we are, two months later, and it’s clear I did (temporarily) self destruct–succumbed to the temptations of the flesh known as high fructose corn syrup and other useless carbs, and gained back about half the weight lost during the first two months. But today’s a new day, and it’s a day that’s exactly one month from my next visit to the doctor to have blood drawn for labs. So it seems as good a day as any to try to get back on ye olde wagon. And away we go, like a herd of turtles.

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