How’s the Challenge Going?

It’s gone.

Big surprise, I know.

First two days went well. Third day, extenuating circumstances intervened. Those are the kind of things the challenge is supposed to push me to overcome, but I didn’t.

And the everlovely Mrs. has a good point: this might not be the healthiest way for me to go about this.

I’m a 53-year-old, grossly overweight guy with high blood pressure and diabetes, who isn’t the most consistent in taking medicines for said diseases, and who hasn’t exercised consistently (or much, at all) in months, if not years. Jumping straight into a program which requires two separate 45-minute workouts each day (with one of them needing to be done outside, during western North Carolina’s notoriously chaotic march from winter to spring) probably isn’t the smartest way to develop discipline and get into some semblance of healthiness.

So, I’m going to create my own challenge, possibly loosely modeled on #75hard, but with a proper view toward actually surviving the challenge time period, and not becoming one of those guys who has a heart attack or dies in his sleep in his 50s.

No, this one won’t be #75hard. But I will complete a #75hard at some point. Just not immediately.

Stay tuned.

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