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Since I’ve pretty much abandoned all pretense of actually trying to live a healthier life…

  • downing sodas like breathing air
  • hitting the Bojangles drive-through multiple times each week
  • rarely straying from my office during the work day
  • glueing my eyes to YouTube videos as soon as I get home
  • ignoring the bike in the garage that I’ve now had for more than four years and on which I’ve ridden probably less than 100 miles
  • etc.

…why not just dive into the deep end by trying a #75hard challenge?

It makes as much sense as any of the bad habits above.

At least with this one, though, even if I fail, I will be making forward progress for a change.

And, of course, on the eve of beginning the challenge, I’m having doubts:

I can’t do this; I can’t even go a day without a Mountain Dew.

Do I really want to try to remember to exercise twice a day, when I’ve not even been averaging twice a week?

No chips, candy, cookies, biscuits, juices, or sodas until after spring graduation?

Why should I knowingly set myself up for another challenge #fail?

And I made the mistake of “one last” junk-ish meal (tortillas and salsa, chocolate chip granola bar, and a Pepsi) tonight, which my body promptly rejected.

So why?

Because I need to do this.

Because I’ve never really committed to anything.

Sure, the marriage is approaching 31 years. But let’s be honest, that’s mostly due to intertia and the longsuffering of the everlovely Mrs. Primal2Health, not because I’ve ever committed much to making it thrive.

I’ve spent 15+ and 13 years, respectively, at my current and last jobs. And I think I’ve done reasonably well at them. But I’m very much a whatever-it-takes-to-get-by kind of guy. Fortunately, my whatever-it-takes generally is a step above. But, still, imagine what I could do if I really—really—tried.

So that’s what this is about.

To really—really—try.

For once.

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