Monthly Archive: July 2014


Oh, the humanity!

As I’ve mentioned before, this website is designed to show you my pursuit of a primal lifestyle, warts and all. And that means coming clean when my diet has not been anywhere close to...

What's in the fridge? 0

What’s In the Fridge?

Let’s play a little game called “What’s In the Fridge?” This will be nowhere nearly as impressive as the “Fridge Voyeur” profiles in Paleo Magazine, in which prominent people in the Paleo/primal community open...

First month's weigh-in 0

One Month Progress – Down 30 Pounds!

My initial intent had been to not weigh myself until my doctor appointment in a couple of weeks. But curiosity (and an equally curious Mrs. MyPrimalJourneyToHealth) led me to step on the scale today....